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Rachel Throop isn’t your average California girl.

Sure, as a professional biker, she definitely gets her fair share of sunlight and outdoor time. But unlike most California girls, Rachel has the unique accomplishment of being a skilled, ambitious, and yet down-to-earth enduro racer.

Rachel Throop was essentially born into the bike riding legacy. Biking was consistently Rachel’s childhood family activity because her father wanted his children to be outdoors rather than indoors glued to the TV. As a result, she began riding cross-country when she was seven years old, entered her first competition (and won) at age ten, and has been taking names ever since. In 2006, she was titled the “Junior Expert National XC Champion,” which landed her a spot in the World Championships in Rotorua, NZ, representing the U.S. She placed 14th in the 2006 World Championships and has had a variety of impressive achievements in competitive biking throughout the years.

Though Rachel has always had a knack for maneuvering on two wheels, her biking preferences weren’t always been what they are today. Rachel had a brief hiatus in her racing career to gain her degree in Global Marketing, during which she continued riding on occasion. Upon graduating, she started riding again and fostered a new fascination with the steep, technical trails, an experience she had never had before. She fell back in love with biking—but this time, she fell in love with the gravity and enduro side.

Credit: Ian Collins
Rachel in her element on #VitalDitchDay at Snow Summit Bike Park. Credit: Ian Collins

So naturally, when she moved to Laguna, she transitioned her biking career and training efforts from XC to enduro and built her strength up all over again. Rachel’s personal philosophy towards enduro is that “Enduro is the perfect blend of cross country riding and the thrill of downhill racing. Enduro has opened up opportunities to explore amazing, challenging trails around the world.”

When she’s not biking, she still works hard to make her dream a reality, working as a daytime bartender at a restaurant in downtown Laguna Beach, CA. Outside of work and off her bike, she enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend Kyle Strait, pilates and yoga, dirt bike riding, and crocheting beanies and beer koozies.

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